Studio Pool-SKPA

An ideal where a person can find photography studio just by a click. In this app one can sort the studio and track the nearest studio to his location and along with which he can also check whether the photographers are free or busy just by a click without the need of visiting the studio manually. In this application the studio can be tracked with respective to the events such as birthday, Marriage, House Warming, Receptions etc. Along with this we can search studio with categories which can be photography or videography. We can also manually enter the studio name or related keywords to search the desired studio. Features:

  • Track nearest studios in terms of Km
  • Search studio in terms of photography and videography
  • Track studio as per events such as birthdays, Marriage, House Warming, Reception etc
  • Search studio manually using related keywords
  • Check if the photographers are busy or free
  • Make collage of picture to set as their display picture